UPDATE: Malloy Declared Winner!!!

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  • Dolce says:

    Just for the record, as of 5:30pm, Foley has not conceded the race. He is still waiting town by town tallies from the secretary of state. He says his numbers show him winning.

  • Fasteddie says:

    Incr, in all fairness, SuBy told every registrars office that policy is to order one ballot for every registered voter and then extras in case of a mistake made by someone. The Democratic registrar who just won reelection Sandi Ayala has already been subjected to demands that she resign. The Republican registrar Joe Borges did not seek reelection but was also to blame for the decision to only order 21,000 ballots. The policy the office of Secretary of State has is the right one. A ballot should be ordered for every single registered voter and there should not be a presumption that a voter won’t go out to vote REGARDLESS of what past elections show statistically. To do so, would be denying those voters the right to cast their vote (as it happened last night) and thereby disenfranchising voters. You make a good point about priorities given to third world countries over ours when it come to making sure everyone has the right to vote.

  • lncr2 says:

    Susan Bysiewicz is an idiot, the people of Bridgeport who re-elected the stupid registrar of voters are idiots, this entire election in Bridgeport is a joke and I’m mad as hell and I hope most of the people of Bridgeport feel the same way. Election officials are lying when they say voters were not turned away. We were told they were out of ballots and we COULD come back later, I did, but how many more did not. The American government makes sure elections are conducted properly in third world countries and don’t seem concerned that fraud is being committed right here on US soil. These results are tainted and we need to voice our opinions every chance we can!

  • Dolce says:

    Very upsetting day. I thought for sure that Foley would win it…all came down to Bridgeport where the voting was a mess. How many people were turned away and didn’t bother to go back to vote later in the evening? It’s so wrong.

    CT is a mess and I thought things would turn around and change for this state.

  • KEO says:

    Well sure they’re all nuts in CA…most of them anyway. But the state is a MESS….and what ticks me off is that the rest of the country is going to have to bail them out of their own reckless spending.

  • Fasteddie says:

    I wonder if it even occurs to those people in Ct how out of the mainstream they are compared to the rest of the country. Even Obama conceded today he was to blame for the bloodbath the Dems (Libs) got across the country. Well we always knew they were nuts in California, Connecticut is coming in a close second. What’s amazing is two years ago you all voted for the same thing and by yesterdays results, you seem to think things have gone well in the past two years. I just can’t wrap my head around that.

  • KEO says:

    I agree with Cathy. It is a sad day for CT. The people get what they deserve. Same goes for California and Nevada.

  • JWL says:

    hey dan all that changing bedpans will come in handy now hahahahahaha

  • Fasteddie says:

    Cathy I agree. Ct once a powerhouse of a state, the manufacturing hub of the country, a productive state is now a shell of its former self. Over the years shortsighted policies have resulted in creating a lousy business environment as well as higher taxes and you correctly state the results of those policies…people moving out instead coming in. Bigger government and bigger spending policies are not the answer to our problems. I hope you’re listening Malloy.

  • Cathy says:

    Sad day in my opinion for CT. This can only mean higher taxes and bigger government. So much for my dream of making CT a place where people and businesses would move to rather than away from.

  • Fasteddie says:

    Not so fast Larry. In case you haven’t noticed the rest of the country told Obama loud and clear they don’t like his agenda. Blumenthal will be the newbie and won’t have much to contribute but a rubber stamp vote on losing bills, Himes will move more to the center in my opinion asserting his independence from Obama which may give him that chance to walk the fine line Shays did when he was in office. Malloy? He’ll have to deal with a huge budget deficit once he gets to Hartford, and that can only mean higher taxes, and he’ll set his sights on Fairfield County where the dough is. There won’t be any money to give to Bridgeport.

  • larrylib says:

    I am so proud of Connecticut. The good people of this state didn’t fall for the neo con line, it didn’t fall for the Tea Party hate, it showed the rest of the country we are leaders, not followers. President Obama needs to stick to his guns now that he knows he has supporters.

  • aqualung says:

    It looks like Bridgeport came through for their man. Well good luck with that. Let me know what Malloy does for you. I mean after Stamford of course.

  • larrylib says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! First Blumenthal, then Himes, and now Malloy. What a great day for Fairfield County!

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