Medical News: Type 3 Diabetes & Alzheimers

As someone who has Type 2 diabetes, I was surprised to discover there is a type 3 diabetes. I’ve always come across only Type 1 (insulin dependent), and Type 2 (insulin resistant). The American Diabetes Association says there isn’t a “standard definition” for diabetes Type 3. From Medical News Today:

Diabetes Type 3 is a dangerous diabetes hybrid that was first discovered in 2005. A study, which was conducted at Brown University Medical School, suggests the brain produces insulin in a way that’s similar to the pancreas. A problem with insulin production in the brain is thought to result in the formation of protein plaque, not unlike that which is found among suffers of Type 1 (insulin-dependant) and Type 2 diabetes (insulin-resistant).

However, in the case of diabetes Type 3, plaque appears in the brain and leads to memory loss and problems forming memories. Read full article.

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