Commentary: Oh I See The Light Allright



In another one of those idiotic feel good plans, the do gooders are planning to participate in tomorrows Earth Hour, in which everyone around the world is supposed to turn off their lights in an attempt to raise awareness about how they can reduce harmful carbon pollution blamed for rising temperatures.  Yeah ok.


Ironically they are going to hold a minute of silence to mark the earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit Japan earlier this month. Ironically because if there was ever a couple of examples as to what mother nature is capable of doing, those are them. How presumptuous of some to think we even possess the capabilities to alter the changes of our planet


If you went back in time and put a bullet in Thomas Edison, we still would be experiencing these rising temps. The Earth has always been evolving and changing and man has very little or next to nothing to do with it. These little gimmicks and demonstrations are another example of making something out of nothing and becomming an industry on top of it. Can we say $100 million Al Gore?


So you’ll have to excuse me from this little “means nothing” party and hope you won’t become militant like some extremists and drive by shooting my lights out.

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  • truthyusa says:

    Is this stupid agenda still being carried out? Come on anyone who does a little bit of reading and research will see there’s no direct correlation between man and the rising temperatures. These people lay a guilt trip on humanity and too many ignorant people are sucked into it. Ice ages have come and gone throughout history people and man had nothing to do with it.

  • Ed Eagle says:

    Agree, this is a dog and pony show that will do absolutely nothing. I’ll turn the lights out for one reason, to save on my electric bill.

  • Fasteddie says:

    This whole Earth Hour thing means nothing and will accomplish nothing. How much energy is going to be used in the quest to get people to participate. They are already relying on Facebook to spread the word which means how many will have to turn on their computers to get the message? Bunch of phonys.

  • aqualung says:

    Larry I never said socialists don’t work, I said socialism doesn’t work. To your point about landfills, yes man is responsible for those messes as well as polluting waterways in the world, but while man is responsible for creating those conditions, man is also capable of changing them. When you are talking about altering the course and the future of temperatures around the world man is not capable by any means of accomplishing that.

  • larrylib says:

    Hi Aqualung, I’ve been busy with work and haven’t been here for awhile. I know you think socialists don’t work. You ever see how much non biodegradable plastics we throw away in landfills every year. Do you know how many years that will take to decompose? The seepage from all these landfills polluting our environment. Oh yeah man is plenty capable of making a mess.

  • aqualung says:

    Hey Larry where you been? I think after those memos were leaked the global warming industry took a big credibility hit. I agree with the post who do we think we are that we can alter the earths future. That earthquake in Japan moved the coastline eight feet!! And man is going to fry the earth?? Ludicrous.

  • larrylib says:

    It’s opinions like this that is the reason the world is being destroyed. Just take a good look around and witness the irresponsibility on your fellow man, throwing garbage anywhere, not recycling plastics and metals, using energy resources like they are unlimited. I fear the people that just don’t care will wake up one day and wonder what happened to the earth. But by then it will be too late.

  • JWL says:

    how many people are going to participate in this out of ignorance and think they are doing something noble?

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