Commentary: Political Correctness Run Amok


I use to think zero tolerance might be a good thing, but in the wake of Sandy Hook and even before, where the dialog of gun control has swept the nation, knee jerk reactions have dominated over common sense. Recent incidents involving children and some adults using toy guns have resulted in actions taken against them that defy common sense.


In Talbot County Md, there’s controversy at a Talbot County school after two 6-year-old boys were suspended while playing cops and robbers during recess and using their fingers to make an imaginary gun. Link


A simple stick drawing has landed a New Jersey second-grader in trouble.

The picture got the child suspended from his Cape May County school.

The sketch showed two stick figures. One, with what the student said is a water gun, pointed at the other. Link


A 5-year-old girl was suspended from school earlier this week after she made what the school called a “terrorist threat.”

Her weapon of choice? A small, Hello Kitty automatic bubble blower. Link


PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – The family of a Pennsylvania kindergartner suspended from school for talking about a soap bubble toy gun is protesting her punishment and wants her record cleared, an attorney for the family said on Monday.

The unidentified 5-year-old child from Mount Carmel in eastern Pennsylvania was suspended after she talked on January 10 about a Hello Kitty Bubble Gun while waiting for a bus after school, said attorney Robin Ficker. Link


BRIDGEPORT — The daughter of an influential city Democrat is on paid leave after officials learned she pretended to shoot people with a toy gun while on duty as a security guard at the city’s Health Department.Sources say April Robles found a colorful toy gun while on duty at the city’s Health Department on East Main Street and began waving it around in the cafeteria. She also pointed the toy at several people, pretended to shoot and said, “Bang bang.” Link


Ok that last one was a stupid lack of judgement by an adult, but the bottom line is, it was a toy gun and saying “Bang, Bang” didn’t kill anyone. But for those instances where 5 and 6 year olds were concerned, what on earth possessed those in charge to make such ridiculous decisions in handling the situation.


My God these are supposedly career educators, and to make such a dumb ass decision to suspend these kids makes me question their capabilities of performing their jobs. How about a little discretion like contacting their parents and suggesting they sit down and talk with their children that in this day and age loose talk like that is not a good thing. Let’s all remember, a childs actions at that age are innocent in nature and adults shouldn’t react as if they were on par with an adults mindset. The campaign to stem violence in this country would be better served if we disposed of this knee jerk cover your ass reactions to these kinds of things.






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  • Jo says:

    Unbelievable! Boys playing cops and robbers….we used to play cowboys and indians. Water guns…the stores sell them during the summer. A bubble gun…just talking about it? Even if she had it with her…it blows bubbles!!!

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