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Lovey Dovey Onscreen, Stay Away From Me Offscreen

A Parallel Universe

stay[Blind Gossip ] These two actors starred together on a television show that just wrapped its final season.

On screen, the two main characters loved and respected each other. Off screen… it was a parallel universe.

They could not stand each other! As soon as a scene concluded, they would not so much as speak or look each other in the eye.

We don’t have anything wild to report, like a screaming match or a physical fight. They just stayed away from each other. It was just a matter of two big egos clashing on a personal level. They each did their work their way, and when it came time for the cameras to roll, they put aside their personal differences, got into their characters, did their jobs, and went home. It’s actually quite a testament to their acting skills that the viewers saw great chemistry on screen.

It does provide some explanation, though, as to why the two of them rarely did appearances together, and never hung out together outside of work.

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