Things You Don’t See Or Hear Anymore


It’s fun to watch reruns of shows or movies that were made 20-50 years ago or even longer, and see how society as a whole have changed in their behavior and habits. For instance, you could be watching a show or movie where people in a hospital environment thought nothing of lighting up a cigarette including the doctors. After a couple of generations of awareness, society has seen the cigarette go from a cool and even good image, to one of a disgusting, foul, and unhealthy habit.


Another example of how society’s mindset has changed occurred to me when I recently watched an episode of Emergency. A woman flagged down Squad 51 and led them to a mall parking lot. Around a car stood a number of people peering inside. The woman told the firemen that they saw what they believed to be a small child in a blanket in the backseat. Well Gage and Desoto (the firemen characters if you don’t know), looked at one another with perplexed looks on their faces, debating what to do. The woman was who flagged them down demanded to know what they were going to do and when a decision was made to break into the car, some of the other people questioned whether they had the right to. Long story short, they opened the vehicle and found a small toddler asleep inside. Still flummoxed as what to do next, the child’s mother comes running from the hair salon she was at with curlers still in her hair demanding to know what the firemen were doing with her baby. At that point the fireman holding the child sheepishly gave the kid back and the crowd dispersed all mumbling amongst themselves. The two firemen look at each other as if they committed a crime. Can you imagine that scenario going down today?


So that got my mind to thinking of things we don’t see anymore or as much. How life before VCR’S ( who still has one?) and DVD players, and having zillions of movies at your fingertips, consisted of waiting as long as three years for a hit movie to go from theater to TV and then show it all chopped up with commercials. So let’s see how many things we can come up with that today’s generation don’t experience.



Firemen standing on the back and sides of a firetruck racing down the street.



Limburger Cheese



Horizontal/Vertical Lines On TV


Mink Stoles



White Wall Tires





Rotary Phones


Metal Ice Cube Trays


People Dressed Up To Go To Church


bikeWhy can’t you remember to roll up your pant legs? Getting them
caught in the bicycle chain so many times is tearing them up.

spa nk

If you get a spanking in school and I find out about it, you’ll get
another one when you get home.


8 Track Tape Players


Powder Detergent


Nurses Wearing White Starched Hats


Keypunch Cards


Pegged Pants


Getting Gold Watch After 40 Years Of Service



Sunday Driver



If you keep making that face, it will stay like that.



Draft Card Burning (or draft cards for that matter)



Homemade Go Carts



Transistor Radios



Roof Antennas



Vibrating Belt Machines




More to come…….





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