Gripe Of The Day Mar. 24, 2014

blahThe TV weather report. Why does it take so long to give a weather forecast for what should be a two minute report? Here’s why. First we have to watch the weather dude stand in front of a map of the state, with 22 towns listed, showing their current temperatures. The weather dude then proceeds to name each town individually and cite their temps (I guess we can’t see or read them ourselves).  Instead of just saying most of the state is in the low twenties, they have to itemize. Then we have the history lesson. That’s telling us what weather we just had and what happened (guess we couldn’t comprehend that ourselves either). Then we have the geography lesson. That’s where they show a map of the United States and tell us where the pressure systems originate (the midwest, the Gulf of Mexico, any panhandle, etc). Then comes the science lesson (cold front meets the warm front, moisture from the low pressure system will collide with the arctic cold front swooping down from Canada, etc). How many times I have missed the forecast because I was so distracted and bored by their droning on and on, that I was forced to sit through the next round of babble. Then they just go on and on and on… kinda like this gripe.

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