Gripe Of The Day Mar. 27, 2014

carTip jars. C’mon, tips have gotten out of control. If I go into Subway and there’s a tip jar next to the register, I have to ask why. Why should I tip you for

1-Doing your job (which you are already getting paid for)

2- A job by the way that only took you a few minutes to do.

The whole concept of tips have gone from something to show you’ve gone above and beyond  your job duties for the benefit of those you are serving, to a right that you should get them. Bullshit.The person handing me a coffee and muffin at the Dunkin Donuts window needs a tip for handing me my purchase? Bullshit again. Store owners, do us a favor, and make it store policy that no tip jars be allowed. Oh yeah I forgot, you won’t because you have a racket going for having the customers subsidize your payroll.


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