Gripe Of The Day Mar. 28, 2014

dewyPolls. I can’t stand when people use polls as a source for an argument, especially political commentators, but also Joe citizen. Why? Because they are in the context of the argument worth shit. It grates me to no end when I hear somebody say , quoting a poll result, “59% of the American people believe”……… then I see the pollsters asked a group of 1200 people their opinion. Yikes! So it’s legit to extrapolate 1200 people into 300 million? No people, it’s not 59% of “The American people”, it’s 59% of the 1200 people they polled. It also bugs me when they do a comparison poll a year later and report the changes. Excuse me, did they repoll the same people? NO!!! So who knows what group # 2 would have said if they were asked a year earlier? I refuse to cite poll results to bolster my argument, they are worthless in my opinion, and my gripe is, that it’s commonplace and legitimate in news circles to perceive these results as an accurate reflection of the entire country. Hey just ask Gov. Thomas Dewey.

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