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Welcome to AllFairfield.com, a forum providing interactive exchange of ideas, opinions, and contributions from the citizens of Fairfield.  The name of our site AllFairfield is meant  as a platform for all Fairfield residents to voice their opinions on a wide range of subjects and issues, not necessarily just Fairfield issues, and we encourage people to get involved in the dialog and discussions across the board, and to submit opinion pieces and photos.

Of course, to keep things civil, we do have a few rules. Certain topics such as politics and religion to name a couple, can become passionate in the course of discussion. However, AllFairfield will not tolerate any personal attacks on individual posters or their families. Such posts will be deleted by management.
The idea here is to have a civil exchange of opinions, and have fun, but we also warn that if you have thin skin for criticism, then you may want to develop thicker skin. We do not stand on political correctness here, but we do insist on respect for each others opinions.

As we build on the site, many new features will be added. Stay Tuned.

We also assure that any information obtained from you, will not be sold or spammed to anyone.
We reserve the right to delete or modify inappropriate postings at our discretion. The comments posted here are the opinions of participants, and not that of AllFairfield.
So let’s begin, we are anxious to hear your opinions and welcome your voice. Let the fun begin!

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All of our stories allow readers to post comments, but if you would like to become a contributor or submit a story, please contact us at the addresses listed below. Thanks for your time and participation in the site.

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