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Review: Martel Bistro

hungry photographer

We had no problem getting a table at Martel, arriving early on a Friday night, around 6:30PM. I was looking forward to enjoying the simple bistro food. The restaurant soon began filling up with a big, boisterous crowd. The tables were crammed together and the noise became very loud; and as our chilled cocktails and tasty bread arrived, I realized that despite my anticipation of delicious food, the congested room was far from relaxing. read more

Dining & Theater

Fairfield Makes Ct Magazines Best Of List

Fairfield notched in four catagories on the Best Of List in the  Sept 2010 issue of Connecticut Magaizine. The four winners are:


Black Rock Tavern Fairfield, (203) 372-2909 (

At his newest restaurant, Black Rock Tavern, Rafael Palomino has concocted a crowd-pleasing menu of all-American favorites. A standout is his Angus Beef & Chorizo Sliders, three delectable little patties fashioned of ground beef, puréed chorizo and Grûyère on potato-bread buns. They’re topped with Aurora sauce, and come with fries or salad.


Super Duper Weenie Fairfield, (203) 334-DOGS (

Has serious face time on “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” created a coasting mentality at this Connecticut gem? No way. The hot dogs are as good as ever, the fries are sublime, the steak sandwich supreme and the Boylan beverages boffo. But let’s get back to the dogs. To name just a few, there’s the New Englander (sauerkraut, bacon, mustard, sweet relish and raw onion); the New Yorker (sauerkraut, onion sauce, mustard and hot relish); the Chicagoan (lettuce, tomato, mustard, celery salt, hot relish and pickle); and the Californian (homemade meat chili, freshly chopped onion, American cheese and hot relish). You just can’t get this anywhere else.


Isabelle et Vincent Fairfield, (203) 292-8022 (

Seventh-generation pastry chef Vincent Koenig and his wife, Isabelle, came to the U.S. just three years ago with their two children and a dream: to recreate their Strasbourg pâtisserie in America. Now, their very French pastry shop is our dream—a little piece of la belle France right in Fairfield. Handmade chocolates, delectable éclairs, napoléons and fruit tartlets, a slew of artisanal breads and beautiful gateaux like the Trois Chocolats mousse cake—they’re all there to enjoy in the cozy parlor with a café au lait or to take home and enjoy en famille

Best Cocktail: Martini: Bistro Martel, Fairfield

Congratulations you’ve made Fairfield proud! To see full list.

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