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In The Drivers Seat?

From the Stamford

STAMFORD — While the final results of Tuesday’s elections went into overtime, one thing was clear no matter who won the governor’s race — Lower Fairfield County just got a healthy shot of power both in the state and federal capitals.

Come January, Connecticut will send either Stamford native and former mayor Dannel Malloy or Greenwich businessman Tom Foley to Hartford, making either one the first to hail from lower Fairfield County since Greenwich’s Lowell Weicker left office in 1995. read more


Election Eve Nailbiters

On election eve, polls in the race for US Senator, Governor, and Congressman are so close it looks like many will be up late waiting for results tomorrow night. The latest breakdown of the races are :

Mcmahon narrows Blumenthals lead to only 7

Rasmussen Reports

Foley leads Malloy by 2

Rasmussen Reports

Debicella over Himes by 2

CT Capitol Report


Another Video?

The McMahon campaign is claiming to have a new “troubling” video of Democrat Richard Blumenthal and his military service according to

October surprise?
Daniela Altimari
on October 3, 2010 10:29 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)

The McMahon campaign says it has “troubling new video” of Democrat Richard Blumenthal “lying about military service.”

Campaign aide Shawn McCoy announced the news on Twitter tonight, less than 24 hours before the Blumenthal and Linda McMahon are set to square off in a high stakes debate in Hartford.

McCoy declined to release any details, saying only that the video is from a different venue — not the Norwalk event that it uncovered last spring, the one where Blumenthal stated he served in Vietnam, even though he didn’t.


Analysis:McMahon Poised To Knock Out Blumenthal?

The latest Quinnipiac University poll released today (Sept. 28, 2010) shows Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon trailing Democrat rival Attorney Gerneral Richard Blumenthal by only 3 points at 49-46 percent. Despite polls showing that most voters are annoyed with the ads, McMahons strategy seems to be working and she has at this point the Big Mo.

Among the factors in her favor are the disatisfaction with the Washington establishment, the lingering economic recovery, read more


When The Heck Is Blumenthal Gonna Bloom?

This article shown in part, raises the same question I’ve had of late. Is State Attorney Richard Blumenthals quest for the U.S. Senate seat slipping through his fingers.

Was The New York Times on target in the spring when the newspaper reported that some Democrats were wringing their hands, worrying that Blumenthal was “Martha Coakley in pants,” a longtime attorney general about to squander a popular career on a lame political campaign, like his counterpart in Massachusetts.
That was back in April, of course, long before McMahon finished off her Republican challengers and began to focus squarely on Coakley, er, Blumenthal.
Some ads have surfaced, in the meantime, from Democrats willing to jab McMahon where she seems most vulnerable. One, for instance, features her husband in the ring, demanding that a woman before him strip down and bark like a dog.
Indeed, much of the WWE programming should be an anathema to Republicans who espouse core family values, and yet voters, including many hardcore Republicans, continue to successfully look away when these issues are raised against McMahon.
She still trails in the polls, but has been gaining ground and does remarkably well at the moment against a Democrat who has polished his Connecticut credentials and popularity for so long.
So is the attorney general wise in staying above the fray? Why is he not fighting back?

The article goes on to suggest that Blumenthal should focus on directly addressing the issues of the campaign and the differences between him and McMahon. But even there he is at a disadvantage. Blumenthal to put it bluntly is a horrible speaker. The lawyer in him is translated in the overly measured responses he gives, as to make sure he says nothing that may be misconstrued. His robotic monotone delivery is void of any excitement, fire, motivation, or even expectations and he needs to jazz up his style or risk putting the voters to sleep. McMahon by contrast is just the opposite, straightforward, fiery, direct, and confident of her postions.  The election is getting closer, and the polls are too, so now is the time for Blumenthal to change his course of action.


Opinion: Is McKinneys Support For McMahon Enough?

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney( R-Fairfield), endorsed senator wannabe Linda McMahon in her quest for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd. McKinney who had previously said during the primary, that former U.S. Congressman Rob Simmons was the better candidate, stated that “her real life experience and plan to put Connecticut back to work provide the perfect contrast to a career politician who actually claims lawsuits create jobs” Hmm, don’t know John if knocking the career politician status is the right thing to say given it’s coming from a career politician.

Despite the claims from McMahon about party unity, there still hasn’t been much of an effort by her primary rivals to endorse her. This could be crucial to her chances. Both McMahon and her Democratic opponent State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal hail from Fairfield County. It’s been widely noted that the rest of the state outside of Fairfield County, consider Fairfield County to be part of New York. It is for that reason, an endorsement by Simmons who comes from Stonington, could deliver and sway a lot of votes from the eastern half of the state. Both candidates have the onus of coming from wealth and Blumenthal may have the edge in dispellling the notion of not relating to the common man because of his track record as Attorney General. This perception of him fighting for the little guy, may resonate with more voters from outside of Fairfield County. However if McMahon can make the case she’s the better candidate to create jobs based on her success in the business world, then she may resonate on that front.

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