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This Town Is Doing It’s Best To Run Me Out Of It.

An estimated $15 million price tag for an addition and renovations at Riverfield School appeared to take the Board of Selectmen by surprise Wednesday. Fairfield Citizen

That’s the number the Riverfield Building Committee came up with at Wednesday’s presentation, a figure that is $4 million higher than the initial estimate. First Selectman Michael Tetreau said he would like to know the details of those changes that were made from $11 million to $15million.


Some of those changes are:


Sixteen new classrooms up from six.


Several existing classrooms would be renovated into resource rooms and a health suite, and those classrooms need to be replaced.  Excuse me a health suite? Just what is that? Also what are  the contents of these new resource rooms?


A music suite? Again is that a priority or even a necessity?


It seems like these school renovations and additions are forever going on. One project is completed and another begins. I understand the codes have to be maintained and upgrades are necessary , but it seems to me that these expenditures go beyond that and frills are always added to mix.


Education is a priority for our childrens future and for our tax dollars to be spent, but on the heels of a bungled train station project that cost the taxpayers millions of dollars, I would like to see a little more prudence in these building budgets



Opinion: Malloy Still Doesn’t Get It

Or should I say he gets it….WRONG! Another example of how the three states in the tri state area are dealing with budgets that separates Connecticut from New York and New Jersey, is the announcement made yesterday by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ,that Waterbury based AmkaiSolutions, a healthcare software company is relocating out of Connecticut to Armonk in Westchester County creating 103 jobs.

“I commend AmkaiSolutions for their investment in New York and for joining a growing community of high-tech industries in the Hudson Valley. I look forward to their further prosperity and expansion”, Cuomo said.

The major difference between what the governors of New York and New Jersey are doing and Malloy is focusing on the weak spot of the economy-jobs, jobs, jobs! Cuomo and Christie see the wisdom in laying the groundwork for the basis of much needed revenue to close their respective budget gaps. Malloy however is taking the road of more and higher taxes as the way to deal with the budget shortfall, further tapping an already exhausted tax base of individuals and businesses. Whoever  thought  a company would relocate of all places to New York with a governor named Cuomo?

Until the governor and State Legislature start adopting a more business friendly atmosphere, I’m afraid we can expect more of Connecticuts business resources to relocate out of state. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on record of being critical of Malloys tax and spend budget, said he’ll be waiting at the border for Connecticut jobs. His only problem will be stopping Governor Cuomo from getting them first.


Opinion: Gov. Malloy, Tear Down This Wall (Of Taxes)

Apparently Governor Malloy doesn’t remember that day in October 1991 when 40,000 protesters converged on the state Capitol to loudly, and sometimes profanely voice their demand to repeal the State Income Tax enacted by then Gov. Lowell P Weicker Jr. The fervor of anger was so high that day that Weicker had to be extracted from the angry crowd and ushered inside.  The crowd represented the middle class of Connecticut and they left no doubt that they were sick and tired of being taxed to death. Weicker trying to close a nearly $1 billion deficit said instituting an income tax was the only way to overcome the deficit.

Flashforward to today. The income tax has been in play for 20 years and here we are with a $3.5 billion deficit.  Last Wednesday Malloy unveiled his proposed budget and from listening to everyone I’ve talked to, he’s the Weicker of today.

Now to be fair this hardly all lands on Malloy, but the it’s quite evident that the present $3.5 deficit was brought about on the spending end of things, not the inability to generate funds. The income derived from the past 20 years of the income tax, should have been more than adequate to control and balance a budget. So this is why I refuse to accept the huge tax increases Governor Malloy is proposing.

Governors like Christie of New Jersey and Walker of Wisconsin are taking the approach of reducing the budget through spending cuts and givebacks. It is not right for Malloy to ask the rest of us to pay more for the mispending habits of the previous Governors and General Assemblies, and without sunset provisions on the tax increases, then he is not serious about reducing spending.


Commentary: Malloy Should Take A Cue From Gov. Christie

With a budget deficit of $3.5 billion looming when Gov-Elect Dan Malloy takes office, he  may not be able to  fill New Jersey’s governor  Chris Christe’s pants, but he should try to fill his shoes. Christie has taken the reins of New Jerseys budget and made the painful cuts in spending that while not popular, are neccessary.

Malloy knows he can’t raise taxes enough to cover the shortfall and the leadership decisions will be made in the cuts he must make in spending. This will include cutting social services and reining in excessive union costs both which will require some deft negociations on Malloys part, mainly because he won over the union endoresements and vowed on the campaign trail to not “shred the safety net”. However, given the realities of a $3.5 billion shortfall, it’s hard to imagine Malloy will not have to address those areas.

Malloy will have to decide on a course of action to take from the get go. He may do well to emulate gov Christies meat axe approach early on. The plus for doing so early on will be that the people of Connecticut will have had time to acclimate themselves to the cuts by the next election cycle. If the cuts result in a rosier financial picture in 2014 then Malloy will be seen as a leader who did what a leader needed to do. If he piecemeals it I’m afraid he won’t be as effective in getting control as he has to. So Dan Malloy, here’s my advice. Take that well intentioned mindset to get spending under control and make the decisions that are in the best interest of the State of Connecticut. Gov. Chris Christie is paving the way for you.


Commentary:Can Malloy Save The USS Connecticut From The Financial Iceberg?

Connecticut was solidly a blue state on Election Day, but is definitely a red state when it comes to the projected $3.5 billion deficit. Gov-elect Democrat Dan Malloy will have to explore every option, and by his own admission the picture is “ugly”.

An article in the New York Times by David M Halbfinger quotes the director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis Fred V Carstensen as “It’s never been this bad. We’re looking at years of deficits, even making heroic assumptions about revenue growth” read more

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