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What Was She Thinking??

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz announced yesterday at a press conference that Dan Malloy was “unofficially” the winner in Tuesdays election for Governor. This was stated without the town by town results officially in. In an article in  CT Confidential State Republican Chair Chris Healy said, “We are preparing for a recount. How in Sam Hill can the chief election officer of this state, who is suppose to be impartial, make a broad brush claim that Dan Malloy has been elected governor of Connecticut when she has not certified that fact or provided the documents to prove it”

How indeed. This is just the latest in a series of gaffes and missteps Bysiewicz has made ever since she set her eyes on higher office last January when she tossed her hat in the race for Governor of Connecticut. Then when Senator Chris Dodd announced his decision not to seek reelection, that opened the door for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to seek the Senate seat. Bysiewicz bowed out of the governors race and sought the office of AG. However, her qualifications and credentals became an issue and the courts agreed she was unqualified to be the states Attorney General. This obviously was not a well thought out plan of action as Bysiewicz now finds herself in the wilderness without an office.


It’s Offical….ly Not Over

Call it Hanging Chad deja vu, Chicago style politics, but the fat lady ain’t sung yet. Claims by both sides in the Governors race are flying and confusion is reigning amongst the voters.  From the Ct. Post

AP withdraws call of Malloy win.  Read


UPDATE: Malloy Declared Winner!!!

CT Mirror

From Ct Post


In The Drivers Seat?

From the Stamford

STAMFORD — While the final results of Tuesday’s elections went into overtime, one thing was clear no matter who won the governor’s race — Lower Fairfield County just got a healthy shot of power both in the state and federal capitals.

Come January, Connecticut will send either Stamford native and former mayor Dannel Malloy or Greenwich businessman Tom Foley to Hartford, making either one the first to hail from lower Fairfield County since Greenwich’s Lowell Weicker left office in 1995. read more


Election Eve Nailbiters

On election eve, polls in the race for US Senator, Governor, and Congressman are so close it looks like many will be up late waiting for results tomorrow night. The latest breakdown of the races are :

Mcmahon narrows Blumenthals lead to only 7

Rasmussen Reports

Foley leads Malloy by 2

Rasmussen Reports

Debicella over Himes by 2

CT Capitol Report


No Clam Jam Rowdiness At Fairfield University Debate

Things were relatively civil in Tuesdays debate between gubernatorial candidates Democrat Dan Malloy and Republican Tom Foley in their third of four debates at Fairfield University.  The candidates sparred over issues such as health care costs, jobs, taxes, and the continued charges accusing one another of not telling the truth and spreading inaccuracies about each other.

From The Connecticut Mirror:

FAIRFIELD–It took an introduction by a Jesuit priest, but Democrat Dan Malloy and Republican Tom Foley dialed back the zingers Tuesday in the third of their four televised debates in the race for governor.

Moderator John Dankosky of WNPR only had to interrupt once when Malloy and Foley briefly reverted to the hostilities all-too-evident in their previous encounters, sharply silencing them when an opportunity to question each other quickly devolved into cross-talk over Malloy’s characterization of Foley’s position on health-care mandates.

The two major-party candidates – Independent Tom Marsh was excluded, as was the case in previous televised forums – agreed on Connecticut’s need to change direction in economic development, health care, education and transportation. Read full article.


Candidates Go After The Crapper Vote

In a somewhat amusing moment in Tuesday night’s debate at the Bushnell Center For the Performing Arts, the three candidates for Governor were trying to outdo one another as to who had more experience  changing bedpans. According to an article in the rush to be dubbed the Bedpan King began when read more


Is A Sales Tax Increase In The Cards?

The next Governor of the State of Connecticut may face the issue of increasing the sales tax from its current rate of 6%. The controversial debate has raised its ugly head in the wake of the projected $3.4 billion deficit, as a means to raise revenue. An article in the Ct Mirror read more


OPINION: Sub Base A Political Football? You Bet Your Pigskin It Is

Both Democrat and Republican gubernatorial candidates worried that the Groton sub base may be a target for spending cuts by the U.S. Department of Defense, have stated it should not be a “political football” and that any effort to save the base should be “bipartisan”. But of course that’s all talk. Does anyone believe that either candidate, Democrat Dan Malloy, or Republican Tom Foley, wouldn’t  want the feather in their cap for getting credit of potentially saving 10,000 jobs? Especially Foley. Behind in the polls he needs to pull off a coup, and convince the voters in the Eastern part of the state that he’s the man. A smart move on his part was enlisting former U.S Congressman and ex candidate for the U.S. Senate seat  Rob Simmons to head up a committee to fight any consideration of closing the base. Simmons is widely known and respected in that neck of the woods, and both candidates hailing from Fairfield County will have to vie for their support.  Polls notwithstanding, Malloy will do well to remember he was behind Ned Lamont in the polls during the primaries and pulled it off. A consideration I’m sure the Foley camp keeps in mind.

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