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My Three Sons


One of the highest rated shows of the sixties and seventies was the sitcom My Three Sons.The sitcom centered around a widower Steven Douglas (Fred MacMurray) and his three sons, and their maternal grandfather Bub O Casey (William Frawley).The series ran for twelve years on two different stations and had a growing and changing cast throughout its run.


Originally broadcast on ABC in 1960, the show remained with that network through the 1965 season. The original cast had Fred MacMurray as the father, Tim Constantine as Mike the oldest son, Don Grady as Robbie, the middle son, and Stanley Livingston as Chip. In addition William Frawley served as the Bub the resident caregiver in a household devoid of a mothers presence. The setting for the series was the fictitious town Bryant Park.


The 1966-67 season saw a number of changes in cast members. Bub was replaced by Uncle Charley played by Wiliam Demarest, Mike was written out of the series and the “third” son was aquired into the fold when Steve adopted one of Chips friends Ernie, who was an orphan awaiting new foster parents. The family also moved from Bryant Park to Los Angeles California due to Steves job promotion.


In the 1967-68 season Robbie gets married to Katie Miller played by Tina Cole and in the 1969-70 season Katie gives birth to triplet boys aka My Three Sons.


In the 1969-70 season, Steve marries a widowed schoolteacher Barbara Harper played by Beverly Garland, and adopts Barbaras’ daughter Dodie played by Dawn Lyn. Chip marries his girlfriend Polly played by Ronne Troup.


The series ended in its twelfth season when it was moved from its 8:30 time slot to 10:00 effectively killing the show with plunging ratings.

Some trivia of the show:

William Frawley was written out of the series when he became ill and could no longer be insured by the studio. Frawley was not happy with that and in his book Meet The Mertzes, he held a grudge against his replacement William Demarest.


Mike the oldest son played by Tim Considine was written out of the series after five years because he was devoted to car racing which his contract forbade. That along with a falling out with executive producer Don Fedderson over his wish to direct but not co star in the series.


The series moved to CBS in the 1965-66 season because ABC wouldn’t commit to the expense of producing the show in color, which had been shown in black and white.


Stanley Livingston who played Chip, and Barry Livingston who played Ernie were brothers in real life.


William Frawley died in 1966

William Demarest died in 1983

Fred MacMurray died in 1991

Beverly Garland died in 2008

Don Grady died in 2012









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