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Get Ready For The Tax Fireworks On Friday


Beginning on Friday it will cost more to purchase clothing and shoes when the sales tax exemption for those items under $50 goes bye bye. If you think you’ll save money by making your own clothes, that will also cost you more as those items were previously exempt but will now be subject to the 6.35% sales tax.  Also taxed will be consignment store purchases, yoga classes, spa services and pet grooming. It’s enough to drive you to drink. Forgetaboutit! That’ll cost ya more too.  For more of Gov. Malloys arranging the chairs on the Titantic read ctnow:


Planning to buy new summer clothes or footwear? Getting a manicure or pedicure? Taking ayoga class? Getting Rover groomed? Stocking up on your favorite libation?

You might want to do it before Friday.

To help balance the budget, lawmakers have increased the state sales tax, levied taxes on items formerly exempt and raised taxes on a range of goods and services. more


A Little Bit Of Mary Jane, No Big Thing

The state House of Representatives today gave final legislative approval to a bill that decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana. The decriminalization bill would make the possession of a half-ounce of marijuana or less–about 30 joints — akin to receiving a speeding ticket rather than a criminal offense. First-time offenders would face a $150 fine; second and subsequent offenses would draw a penalty of at least $200 but no more than $500. Some were against the measure like Rep. Frank Nicastro D-Bristol who said “There is no doubt in mind that marijuana is the gateway to future drugs. What we’re saying to the youth of our state is it’s not a crime anymore and they’re going to take advantage of that because they don’t realize how dangerous marijuana can be”.

Rep. Brenda Kupchick R-Fairfield disagreed saying  she has family members who were drug addicts and state law had nothing to do with their addiction.

“I’ve known a lot of people over my lifetime who’ve used marijuana, and who grew up to be productive citizens and never used drugs again,” Kupchick said. “And I know people who took drugs out of their parents’ medicine cabinet and became full blown drug addicts and lost their lives.”

The bill now goes to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who immediately hailed its passage and pledged to sign it when it reaches his desk. For full article read CAPITOLWATCH


Opinion: The State Is Sick And This Law Is Not Making It Better

The Senate voted 18 to 17 Wednesday to pass the nation’s first state mandate on private employers to offer paid sick days. The measure has Gov. Dannel Malloys support as it goes to the House where it is expected to pass. This act by the General Assembly and the Governor is just another hostile move towards small businesses in Connecticut.

The law requires affected companies to give one hour of sick time for every 40 hours of work, up to a maximum of five days a year. It is effective Jan. 1.  It applies to dozens of specific types of service workers at companies with more than 50 employees.  Exempt are manufacturers, municipalities, and YMCAs.

Senate Minority Leader John P. McKinney, R-Fairfield, noted that benefit is required of a large restaurant, but not the school cafeteria where his children eat daily.

“It’s OK if our kids are served food from someone who is sick, but it’s not OK if someone goes into a restaurant?” McKinney said. ctmirror

In a perfect world all the arguments for this bill would make sense, but as anyone in the workplace that has sick days already know, it’s a free day off with pay. How many of us have used that privileged day for things other than illness? So under the guise of letting mommy stay home to care for her child or daddy to stay home as not to share his germs with fellow workers, the small business owner is being mandated to pay them whether that is the reason or not-it’s theirs to use.

Once again the fine print in these bills are never explained either. Why are manufacturers exempt? Why? What makes them different than the small business owner when it come to the argument of paying employees to stay home when they are sick? Ditto municipalities. Do theses employees have non contagious germs or something? This is deja vu where the healthcare reform was passed and mandated for the public but wasn’t good enough for Congress to be part of.

The course the State of Connecticut is on is one of ruin. Higher taxes which will suppress if not depress growth, a state Earned Income Credit (EIC), which on the federal level is the most abused tax policy in place and can be expected to become abused here as well,  and the counterproductive estate taxes for small business owners. In addition the Governor has implemented policies that have already been proven in other states and at the federal level has having been failures such as the Amazon Tax (virtually unenforceable as even acknowledged by Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan), and the luxury tax tried at the federal level back in 1991, which had such a devastating affect on those industries that it was eventually repealed.

It’s clear in my mind that the financial course the state is on is a recipe for disaster, and should come as no surprise when our neighboring states begin to see signs of recovery while we wallow in the stranglulation of regulations and higher taxes.


Opinion: Malloy Still Doesn’t Get It

Or should I say he gets it….WRONG! Another example of how the three states in the tri state area are dealing with budgets that separates Connecticut from New York and New Jersey, is the announcement made yesterday by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ,that Waterbury based AmkaiSolutions, a healthcare software company is relocating out of Connecticut to Armonk in Westchester County creating 103 jobs.

“I commend AmkaiSolutions for their investment in New York and for joining a growing community of high-tech industries in the Hudson Valley. I look forward to their further prosperity and expansion”, Cuomo said.

The major difference between what the governors of New York and New Jersey are doing and Malloy is focusing on the weak spot of the economy-jobs, jobs, jobs! Cuomo and Christie see the wisdom in laying the groundwork for the basis of much needed revenue to close their respective budget gaps. Malloy however is taking the road of more and higher taxes as the way to deal with the budget shortfall, further tapping an already exhausted tax base of individuals and businesses. Whoever  thought  a company would relocate of all places to New York with a governor named Cuomo?

Until the governor and State Legislature start adopting a more business friendly atmosphere, I’m afraid we can expect more of Connecticuts business resources to relocate out of state. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on record of being critical of Malloys tax and spend budget, said he’ll be waiting at the border for Connecticut jobs. His only problem will be stopping Governor Cuomo from getting them first.


Hey Malloy, Here’s A Smart Way To Save Money

According to a column in, municipalities across Connecticut are looking at a scaled down version of the muscle car Crown Victoria that has been synonymous with police cruisers for years. As towns struggle with their budgets, these cars are more fuel efficient. I applaud the noble efforts to save money, but if they are going to do it by downsizing vehicles, why not go for the max. Yep that’s right. I’m suggesting they use the Smart car as a replacement for all State Police cruisers. Think of the benefits of using them.

1- Save a ton of money on gas.

2- If it gets a flat tire, the cops can replace it from one of their doughnuts.

3-Easier to hide in speed traps.

4- Can weave in and out of traffic easier by going under tractor trailers.

5- When chasing a speeder, the speeder will get across state lines faster, thereby making them the other states problem.


Let’s see how serious Gov. Malloy is.



Malloy Vs Christie: A Tale Of Two Policies

The war of words has begun in earnest between Governor Dannel Malloy (D) Connecticut, and Governor Chris Christie (R) New Jersey on how best to tackle their respective states huge budget deficits.

Malloy charged a couple of weeks ago that Christies approach would undermine the bond market for investors and added “Hopefully I take a slightly more intellectual approach to this discussion than Governor Christie has demonstrated…” BAM!

Christie responded with a thumbs down to Malloys tax increases, and promised he’ll be “waiting for Connecticut jobs at the border.” WHAM!

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show provided some lively exchanges from both the host and Malloy.  From CT Mirror

Feb 23, 2011 9:52am

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy mixed it up with Joe Scarborough a bit today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” accusing the show of demonizing unions and letting off governors and legislatures who let their states’ finances deteriorate.

“We weren’t demonizing unions here,” Scarborough said, getting prickly read more


Opinion: Gov. Malloy, Tear Down This Wall (Of Taxes)

Apparently Governor Malloy doesn’t remember that day in October 1991 when 40,000 protesters converged on the state Capitol to loudly, and sometimes profanely voice their demand to repeal the State Income Tax enacted by then Gov. Lowell P Weicker Jr. The fervor of anger was so high that day that Weicker had to be extracted from the angry crowd and ushered inside.  The crowd represented the middle class of Connecticut and they left no doubt that they were sick and tired of being taxed to death. Weicker trying to close a nearly $1 billion deficit said instituting an income tax was the only way to overcome the deficit.

Flashforward to today. The income tax has been in play for 20 years and here we are with a $3.5 billion deficit.  Last Wednesday Malloy unveiled his proposed budget and from listening to everyone I’ve talked to, he’s the Weicker of today.

Now to be fair this hardly all lands on Malloy, but the it’s quite evident that the present $3.5 deficit was brought about on the spending end of things, not the inability to generate funds. The income derived from the past 20 years of the income tax, should have been more than adequate to control and balance a budget. So this is why I refuse to accept the huge tax increases Governor Malloy is proposing.

Governors like Christie of New Jersey and Walker of Wisconsin are taking the approach of reducing the budget through spending cuts and givebacks. It is not right for Malloy to ask the rest of us to pay more for the mispending habits of the previous Governors and General Assemblies, and without sunset provisions on the tax increases, then he is not serious about reducing spending.


Commentary: Malloy Should Take A Cue From Gov. Christie

With a budget deficit of $3.5 billion looming when Gov-Elect Dan Malloy takes office, he  may not be able to  fill New Jersey’s governor  Chris Christe’s pants, but he should try to fill his shoes. Christie has taken the reins of New Jerseys budget and made the painful cuts in spending that while not popular, are neccessary.

Malloy knows he can’t raise taxes enough to cover the shortfall and the leadership decisions will be made in the cuts he must make in spending. This will include cutting social services and reining in excessive union costs both which will require some deft negociations on Malloys part, mainly because he won over the union endoresements and vowed on the campaign trail to not “shred the safety net”. However, given the realities of a $3.5 billion shortfall, it’s hard to imagine Malloy will not have to address those areas.

Malloy will have to decide on a course of action to take from the get go. He may do well to emulate gov Christies meat axe approach early on. The plus for doing so early on will be that the people of Connecticut will have had time to acclimate themselves to the cuts by the next election cycle. If the cuts result in a rosier financial picture in 2014 then Malloy will be seen as a leader who did what a leader needed to do. If he piecemeals it I’m afraid he won’t be as effective in getting control as he has to. So Dan Malloy, here’s my advice. Take that well intentioned mindset to get spending under control and make the decisions that are in the best interest of the State of Connecticut. Gov. Chris Christie is paving the way for you.


Commentary:Can Malloy Save The USS Connecticut From The Financial Iceberg?

Connecticut was solidly a blue state on Election Day, but is definitely a red state when it comes to the projected $3.5 billion deficit. Gov-elect Democrat Dan Malloy will have to explore every option, and by his own admission the picture is “ugly”.

An article in the New York Times by David M Halbfinger quotes the director of the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis Fred V Carstensen as “It’s never been this bad. We’re looking at years of deficits, even making heroic assumptions about revenue growth” read more


What Was She Thinking??

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz announced yesterday at a press conference that Dan Malloy was “unofficially” the winner in Tuesdays election for Governor. This was stated without the town by town results officially in. In an article in  CT Confidential State Republican Chair Chris Healy said, “We are preparing for a recount. How in Sam Hill can the chief election officer of this state, who is suppose to be impartial, make a broad brush claim that Dan Malloy has been elected governor of Connecticut when she has not certified that fact or provided the documents to prove it”

How indeed. This is just the latest in a series of gaffes and missteps Bysiewicz has made ever since she set her eyes on higher office last January when she tossed her hat in the race for Governor of Connecticut. Then when Senator Chris Dodd announced his decision not to seek reelection, that opened the door for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to seek the Senate seat. Bysiewicz bowed out of the governors race and sought the office of AG. However, her qualifications and credentals became an issue and the courts agreed she was unqualified to be the states Attorney General. This obviously was not a well thought out plan of action as Bysiewicz now finds herself in the wilderness without an office.


It’s Offical….ly Not Over

Call it Hanging Chad deja vu, Chicago style politics, but the fat lady ain’t sung yet. Claims by both sides in the Governors race are flying and confusion is reigning amongst the voters.  From the Ct. Post

AP withdraws call of Malloy win.  Read


UPDATE: Malloy Declared Winner!!!

CT Mirror

From Ct Post


In The Drivers Seat?

From the Stamford

STAMFORD — While the final results of Tuesday’s elections went into overtime, one thing was clear no matter who won the governor’s race — Lower Fairfield County just got a healthy shot of power both in the state and federal capitals.

Come January, Connecticut will send either Stamford native and former mayor Dannel Malloy or Greenwich businessman Tom Foley to Hartford, making either one the first to hail from lower Fairfield County since Greenwich’s Lowell Weicker left office in 1995. read more


Election Eve Nailbiters

On election eve, polls in the race for US Senator, Governor, and Congressman are so close it looks like many will be up late waiting for results tomorrow night. The latest breakdown of the races are :

Mcmahon narrows Blumenthals lead to only 7

Rasmussen Reports

Foley leads Malloy by 2

Rasmussen Reports

Debicella over Himes by 2

CT Capitol Report


No Clam Jam Rowdiness At Fairfield University Debate

Things were relatively civil in Tuesdays debate between gubernatorial candidates Democrat Dan Malloy and Republican Tom Foley in their third of four debates at Fairfield University.  The candidates sparred over issues such as health care costs, jobs, taxes, and the continued charges accusing one another of not telling the truth and spreading inaccuracies about each other.

From The Connecticut Mirror:

FAIRFIELD–It took an introduction by a Jesuit priest, but Democrat Dan Malloy and Republican Tom Foley dialed back the zingers Tuesday in the third of their four televised debates in the race for governor.

Moderator John Dankosky of WNPR only had to interrupt once when Malloy and Foley briefly reverted to the hostilities all-too-evident in their previous encounters, sharply silencing them when an opportunity to question each other quickly devolved into cross-talk over Malloy’s characterization of Foley’s position on health-care mandates.

The two major-party candidates – Independent Tom Marsh was excluded, as was the case in previous televised forums – agreed on Connecticut’s need to change direction in economic development, health care, education and transportation. Read full article.


Candidates Go After The Crapper Vote

In a somewhat amusing moment in Tuesday night’s debate at the Bushnell Center For the Performing Arts, the three candidates for Governor were trying to outdo one another as to who had more experience  changing bedpans. According to an article in the rush to be dubbed the Bedpan King began when read more


OPINION: Sub Base A Political Football? You Bet Your Pigskin It Is

Both Democrat and Republican gubernatorial candidates worried that the Groton sub base may be a target for spending cuts by the U.S. Department of Defense, have stated it should not be a “political football” and that any effort to save the base should be “bipartisan”. But of course that’s all talk. Does anyone believe that either candidate, Democrat Dan Malloy, or Republican Tom Foley, wouldn’t  want the feather in their cap for getting credit of potentially saving 10,000 jobs? Especially Foley. Behind in the polls he needs to pull off a coup, and convince the voters in the Eastern part of the state that he’s the man. A smart move on his part was enlisting former U.S Congressman and ex candidate for the U.S. Senate seat  Rob Simmons to head up a committee to fight any consideration of closing the base. Simmons is widely known and respected in that neck of the woods, and both candidates hailing from Fairfield County will have to vie for their support.  Polls notwithstanding, Malloy will do well to remember he was behind Ned Lamont in the polls during the primaries and pulled it off. A consideration I’m sure the Foley camp keeps in mind.

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