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Commentary: These People Might As Well Vote Throwing Darts

Duh which way did he go George, which way did he go?

Tonight is the second Presidental debate between President Barack Obama and republican challenger Mitt Romney set in a Town Hall format. Questions during the 90-minute debate, which takes place at 9 p.m. Eastern Time at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., will be asked by local uncommitted voters from a variety of socio-economic, racial and political backgrounds selected by the Gallup Organization. Roughly 12 audience members out of about 80 will get to ask questions, with moderator Candy Crowley of CNN determining which questions will be posed, and in what order.

Uncommitted voters? Are you kidding me? Who are these people?


President Obama has been in office nearly four years. His policies are well known, most famously the years long debate about healthcare, as well as issues about taxes, social issues like gay marriage, and the war on terror. His stance on a plethora of issues is well known. It pretty much favors liberal ideology.


Republican candidate and former governor Mitt Romney has been campaigning for the 2012 nomination since June of 2011 and has participated in 23 of the 26 primary debates.His stance on taxes, the war on terror, and healthcare have also been laid out. His ideology is more conservative to moderate.


With today’s access to the media on so many levels, TV, radio, internet, newspapers, etc. the amount of  information made available to the voting public needed to make an informed decision has been overwhelming. So how on earth can anyone just three weeks away from election day, NOT know who they want to vote for right now? What is it you are waiting for that you cannot make up your mind? More info? Like what? The truth of what is going on with these undecided voters is when they get into the booth to vote, it is going to be eenie, meeny, miney, mo.


Commentary: C’mon Hillary, Get Serious

Hillary Clinton is once again spouting off the nonsense that she’s not interested in being President, and has no intention of running in 2012 or 2016.  I’ve watched the Clintons long enough to know that these are not people content to ease into retirement and out of the public eye.

The Clintons, once the most powerful force in politics were blindsided in the 2008 primaries when Obama and his Chicago gang wrestled the top spot right out of the Clintons hands, no doubt leaving them headkicked in confusion. The animosity between the two adversaries was bridged somewhat when the Obama administration offered Hillary the plum position of Secretary of State. But was it? By all accounts Hillary has been largely  marginalized in her position. Compared to her predecessor Condolezza Rice who was in the news on almost a daily basis informing the country (and world) where the United States stood in the unfolding crises in the Middle East and elsewhere, Hillary seems to make news not on foreign policy but quotes on her daughters wedding, denials of running for office, or falling down and breaking her arm. With the domino effect of rebellion in the Middle East where the heck is Hillary in all this?


This my friends has to be most frustrating to her and Bill and the plans they had set in motion for retaking the White House in 2008. There’s no doubt Hillary remembers the 18 million votes she received in the 2008 primary, and she has had the benefit of observing the mistakes the Obama administration has made and can learn from them. With Obamas approval rating in the low 40’s, I doubt very much the possibility of Hillary running for office in the future is not on the Clintons agenda. These public denials may just be intentional to foster a grass roots movement of support. Read more Outside The Beltway


Commentary:Himes Came In On Obamas Coattails, Will He Go Out On Them?

In a tightly contested race in Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District between Democrat Jim Himes and Republican Dan Debicella, the race is one of the biggest nail biters in this election. Himes battling for a second term is bringing in the big guns, President Obama in Bridgeport on Oct 30th and former President Bill Clinton on Oct 31.

In an election where it is seen to many as a referendum on Obama’s policies and performance, this may not have the desired effect, although some like Lennie Grimaldi’s Blog Only In Bridgeport say Bridgeport played a key role in getting Himes elected in 2008 and Obamas visit could motivate them again.

Debicella who has charged Himes as a”rubber stamp Democrat”, could use the visit by Obama to solidify that image. Himes’ commercials have tried to label himself as an independent but the photo ops with Obama may have a positive influence in Bridgeport, but may backfire on him in suburban towns. Voters in Bridgeport may also remember that it was a Republican Governor Jodi Rell who went to bat for them as well as the extra mile in trying to obtain FEMA funds for the damage done by last summers tornado in which Bridgeport was denied. Himes could capitalize though on the $11 million TIGER grant awarded to the City of Bridgeport earlier this month.

So the outcome of this race is far from being clinched by either side but there’s no doubt Himes has to be sweating it out. For a Blue state like Connecticut to have a virtual tie a week before Election Day doesn’t bode well for a first term incumbent.

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