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That Next Phone Call From Your Cell Phone May Be For A Ride Home

The Connecticut legislature’s judiciary committee passed a bill on Thursday that would allow police to confiscate the drivers licenses for 24 hours for texting or talking on a cell phone while driving. The bill is intended to discourage drivers from using their cellphones while driving by making the penalties tougher. Some lawmakers argue whether the bill could be enforced and whether police have the logistics to seize motorists licenses.  The bill still needs approval of the House of Representatives and the state Senate, as well as the signature of the governor before becoming law. Full story


Hey Malloy, Here’s A Smart Way To Save Money

According to a column in, municipalities across Connecticut are looking at a scaled down version of the muscle car Crown Victoria that has been synonymous with police cruisers for years. As towns struggle with their budgets, these cars are more fuel efficient. I applaud the noble efforts to save money, but if they are going to do it by downsizing vehicles, why not go for the max. Yep that’s right. I’m suggesting they use the Smart car as a replacement for all State Police cruisers. Think of the benefits of using them.

1- Save a ton of money on gas.

2- If it gets a flat tire, the cops can replace it from one of their doughnuts.

3-Easier to hide in speed traps.

4- Can weave in and out of traffic easier by going under tractor trailers.

5- When chasing a speeder, the speeder will get across state lines faster, thereby making them the other states problem.


Let’s see how serious Gov. Malloy is.



Let’s Take Those Tornado Watches Seriously.

The Ct. Post is reporting an incident in Stratford where a Bridgeport man was reported to be naked and throwing thousands of dollars into a swamp. The man reported a tornado blew his clothes off.

STRATFORD — A 62-year-old Bridgeport man was committed for psychiatric evaluation after police found him naked, throwing thousands of dollars into the marsh near the Shakespeare theater grounds.

Police responded to a resident’s complaint that a nude man with a goatee was throwing rocks at his dog on the theater grounds around 12:28 p.m. Tuesday.

When police arrived, the man ran along Shore Road and jumped into the marshland of the Housatonic River, according to police Capt. Kenneth Bakalar. He then began throwing hundreds of bills into the water around him, Bakalar said.

Police fished out $9,271 of what appears to be the man’s own money, Bakalar said.

Later, when asked why he was nude, the man stated a tornado had blown off his clothes, police said.

The man was then committed to St. Vincent‘s Medical Center in Bridgeport for evaluation.

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